Which iPhone will be the most popular in 2015?

The countdown begins

The new iPhone launch is just two months away and already rumours are rife about which models and colour variations we are likely to see. So far most rumours suggest that we will see the introduction of two new models, the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus or the iPhone 7, in September with the introduction of an iPhone 6c either in September or early 2016. 

Hello rose gold

There aren't many major changes on the horizon for the 6s and 6s Plus but we could see the inclusion of a new rose gold colourway to match the Apple Watch Edition. This will be the first new iPhone colour since gold was introduced with the iPhone 5s and, as those with long memories will remember, these were harder to find than hens teeth at launch.

Bye bye yellow

For the 6c, Apple will probably stick to the more colourful choices though we may perhaps lose yellow from the line-up. The decidedly “meh” response to the Yellow iPhone 5c, and mounting evidence from Apple, makes us think they will ditch this unloved shade, perhaps in favour of a classic black.

But enough about what we think, what about you? From our pre-order registrations we’ve deduced some telling stats and though early days, we thought we’d share them with you here. Tell us in the comment section whether or not you agree with the results.

Most anticipated iPhone model

The iPhone 6s is proving to be the most desired model taking 86% of pre-order registrations. This isn't too surprising as the iPhone 6 far outsold the 6 Plus. This could be due to the size of the 6 Plus, or just down to the increased price tag. Either way it looks like we're not completely sold on phablets and the iPhone 6s will be the biggest seller come September.

Most sought after iPhone colour

According to our pre-order data Space Grey is still the most popular colour with 39%. The classic nearly-black was also the most popular shade for the 6 and 6 Plus, and more recently the Apple Watch Sport.  

Interest is growing for Rose Gold and if Apple do launch a new colourway our money is on this one being the hardest to track down. We saw this when the 5s launched and Apple underestimated our desire for bling. Experience has taught us that Apple will produce the Space Grey in abundance to keep up with demand, but for new colourways they'll prefer to test the water and release stock slowly. So, if Rose Gold is your colour of choice we recommend you pre-order. 


We’ll be updating this article as the launch progresses. To cast your vote leave us a message in the comment section below or register for updates on your favourite model - we promise never to spam you! 


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