Gold iPhone 5s A Surprise Hit - Stock Sold Out Nationwide

All That Glisters? Where Can I Find My Gold iPhone 5s?



Gold iPhone 5S

When the first leaks of the gold-coloured 'new iPhone' occurred there was a lot of scepticism about the colour, with many saying it would be too tacky for Apple, it wasn't something they'd do. However, those of us with a longer memory recalled that it wouldn't be the first gold portable device from Cupertino: Meet the 4Gb 1st generation iPod Mini:

iPod Mini in Gold

On top of this, there's a fairly long tradition of using a "champagne gold" finish in high-end electronics, for instance here's a very nice Sony A.V. reciever from a few years back:

Gold Sony Amplifier

Add in the established (and successful, albeit in a niche way of course) market for gold-plated iPhones, and the prestige gold brings in certain markets around the world,  and it wasn't too much of a stretch to imagine a light-gold iPhone. We thought it would have a limited appeal, but appeal nonetheless. Fast forward to Apple's 10th September iPhone launch event and we find out that yes, the rumour was correct (and in fact Space Grey became the second new colour to appear, replacing the darker but less scratch-resistant Black & Slate of the 5) and it won't be a limited release - it's available here in the UK.

What Apple couldn't have been expecting though was the demand. Gold, ironically, seems to be in first place as far as that goes. Selling out within minutes, and now attracting premiums of up to 300% on eBay, everyone wants to show off their new bling!

We'll be updating our iPhone 5s stock finder page every time we locate stock, and ultimately (given that this shortage could last months, according to our sources) we'll be pointing at the shortest queues and/or the retailers with the most stock allocated (no other stock checker site can do this).

In the meantime, either consider going even more colourful with the in-stock-for-delivery-tomorrow iPhone 5c or get your gold fix until the 5s is back in stock by looking for an iPod Mini on eBay :D

2nd Update: Turns out the world loves Gold iPhones!


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