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Alas there was no announcement about the iPhone SE at Apple's launch event last September, but we're now expecting to see a new 4-inch iPhone released in march 2016. We'll keep this page updated with all of the latest news and stock availability as soon as we have more information from our partners, in the meantime register below for pre-order alerts.


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*Old rumours*

Adding more fuel to the rumour fire is the recent release of the iPod Touch (6th Generation) which not only includes an updated design but also upgraded spec making it similar in many ways to the iPhone 6. It isn't a giant leap to imagine that some of these improvements will make their way into a new 4 inch iPhone.

Does this mean we can expect an iPhone 6c alongside the iPhone 6s this September? We’ll have to wait and see, some analysts are saying early 2016 is more likely while other are speculating an October 2015 release. But for now let’s hope it is true and take a look at some of the features we can expect to see from a new iPhone 6c.


What's the likelihood of Apple releasing an iPhone 6c in 2015?

The iPhone 5c was released nearly two years ago in September 2013, this is about the average length of a mobile phone contract in the UK, so many of the customers who bought the 5c will be getting close to the end of their contract and looking to upgrade. This makes 2015 the perfect time to update the classic 5c and release a new and improved iPhone 6c model.


Which colours will the iPhone 6c come in?

If recent iPhone launches are anything to go by then we may be in for an entirely new colour range for the iPhone 6c. Yellow was missing from the recent Apple Watch Sport release, whilst Green was cut from the iPod Touch update.

When the iPhone 5c launched, our popular article revealed that Pink was by far the most sought after colour so we expect pink to stay. Indeed the recently launched iPod Touch features colourful aluminium casings in pink, blue, space grey, silver, gold and a special Product (red) version, so it's more than likely that we'll see these colourways for the iPhone 6c.


What features will the iPhone 6c have?


The popularity of smaller iPhones shouldn't be discounted and Apple's current range of handsets definitely lacks a petite model. If the iPhone 6c is released it will most likely be a reworking of the iPhone 5s with a 4 inch display. Though we think it's unlikely, some commentators are suggesting that the 6c will sport a 3.5 inch display - Steve Jobs was reported to have said this was his preferred screen size.


If the picture above is true then it looks like we'll see Touch ID included on the new iPhone 6c which will lead the way for Apple Pay. This feature was missing from the recent release of the iPod Touch, though there were plenty of other features that we'd expect to see in the 6c model including A9 chip with 64 bit architecture, M8 motion compressor, 8MP camera with 1080p HD video recording and slo-mo video, as seen in last year's iPhone 6.


Rumour has it that the iPhone 6c will herald the return of a 32GB model. This could close the sizeable gap between the current smallest 16GB iPhone and the 64GB model. The iPod Touch launched with 4 variations for storage size, will we see the same for the iPhone 6c or will the 16GB be sacrificed to make way for bigger storage?


What do you want to see from the next iPhone? Share your suggestions in the comments below.

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