Apple iPhone 5s

The iPhone 5s is now available from all networks with free flowing stock, meaning that you shouldn't have any problems getting it on your network of choice. Please bear in mind that as Orange and T-Mobile are now brought to you by EE, they aren't listed below, and you'll need to click through on the EE link instead.

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Forward thinking
With iPhone 5s, Apple designers and engineers found ways to add even more features while preserving the thin, light design. These features aren’t just what’s technologically possible, but what’s technologically useful.The iPhone 5s brings 64-bit architecture to mobiles before anyone else, making it one of the most future-proof iPhones yet
Touch ID
Touch ID
The most advanced fingerprint scanner ever put into consumer electronics lets you unlock your phone and make purchases without the need for fiddly pin codes and passwords. One day every phone will be like this - for now, you need an iPhone.
A7 and M7 chips
Faster processor
The A7 chip delivers up to 2x the speed and graphics performance of the iPhone 5, plus the M7 motion coprocessor deals with specific tasks, saving battery life and increasing efficiency
Improved iSight camera
Improved iSight camera
A 15% larger sensor captures more light per pixel, plus an increased shutter speed, super-slow-motion HD video and burst mode to catch the perfect split-second photo.
4G Ready
iPhone 5s supports more networks than ever before so that you can get a superfast connection on all the major UK networks. Now iPhone users can experience fast download speeds in even more places around the world
iOS 7
iOS 7
iOS 7 takes full advantage of the advanced technologies built into iPhone — including the 64-bit A7 chip and Touch ID. And it introduces great new features like smarter multitasking, AirDrop and Control Centre


Will it be in stock online Feb 4

Require iphone 5s gold

It looks like it may be too late already! We're scanning around but stock seems very scarce everywhere. More to follow.

I don't fancy the 5c - will the 5s actually be buy-able on the 20th or is it just pre-orders?

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