Has Apple killed the yellow iPhone?


Back in 2013 we reported that orders of the yellow iPhone 5c were embarrassingly low, accounting for less than a mere 1% of all 5c sales. 

With rumours abound of a new iPhone 6c, launching either this September or spring 2016, clues are mounting that Apple has ditched this unappreciated colour. Let’s take a look at the evidence…

Back to black

The Apple Watch Sport launched early in 2015 and, though its popularity is up for debate, if you were trying to buy one it was clear that the most sought after colour combo was space grey with black band. 

For stat fans, estimates from Slice Intelligence suggest 64 percent of pre-orders in the US were for space grey with a black band, while 22 percent were for the white band, six percent for blue, four percent for green and four percent for pink.

This all black colourway was a new introduction into what was otherwise the exact same colours as the 5c. Missing from the line-up was, of course, yellow.

Is green next?

Does this mean we’ve fallen out of love with colour or had the 5c launched with a black model would we have seen very different sales results? Either way it looks as if Apple is paying attention. 

When they launched the iPod Touch (6th Generation) in July, Apple appeared to have gone even further in refining the colour choices. This time green was replaced with the now standard metallic silver, gold and space grey. Though we did get a (PRODUCT) Red version for the socially-conscious, vibrant-colour fans.

If, according to Slice Intelligence, pink (like green) only accounted for 4% of sales, why not scrap this colour too? I hear you ask. We think because of the overwhelming popularity of the pink iPhone 5c (it took 46% of all sales at launch) Apple has given this colour a reprieve. 

Also while the 5c attracted a younger market that are more open to colourful phones, the Apple Watch very much straddles fashion and tech so perhaps the target market is less keen to display their true colour on their wrist – it is after all much easier to co-ordinate a black or white watch with most outfits.

Which colours will the iPhone 6c come in?

Our guess is Apple will keep the same colourways as the iPod Touch. Many industry experts agree that the Touch is the biggest clue to a new 6c design and we’d be very surprised if Apple went a different way. Though, of course, we’ll be keeping a close eye on iPod sales to look for further clues.

What does this mean for availability?

Apple will produce more units of the colours it has confidence in. This will typically be Space Grey and Gold, but you should expect these to sell out fast.

At launch, it was fairly easy to pick up a 5c if you were happy to go for one of the less popular colours - such as yellow or white. However, as Apple refine their colourways there will be fewer options for those who want a colourful phone, which will impact on availability as people rush to buy their favourite.

If you're hoping to upgrade to the new iPhone 6c our advice is pre-order if you know which colour you want, especially if that colour is space grey. If you haven't already, you can register for pre-order news on our 6c page - we promise never to spam you!


Are you happy to see the classic Apple metallic shades making their way into the 6c design or will you miss the brighter options? And if so, which colour do you want to see? Sound off in the comment section below.

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