Where have all the iPhone 5c's gone?


It looks like a number of mobile networks are gearing up to oust the iPhone 5c from their product range. Where can I buy an iPhone 5c?Vodafone and Tesco Mobile have stopped displaying iPhone 5c on their Pay Monthly contracts while O2, Three and giffgaff have limited supply of the colourful handset. 

iPhone 6c launch, anyone?

With the recently launched iPhone 6s sitting firmly at the top of most people's wish lists we understand that the networks want to encourage us all to buy the new shiny but we're a little surprised to see some of them axe the ever popular 5c so soon. Perhaps the iPhone 6c rumours will surface again sooner than expected. 

There was a significant amount of expectation that September's iPhone launch would include a smaller 4-inch phone alongside the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Sadly the iPhone 6c never appeared. That hasn't put an end to the rumours though and many industry experts are now suggesting spring 2016 as the iPhone 6c launch date, though this would be a break from Apple's usual autumn launches.

Where can I buy an iPhone 5c?

Either way our advice if you're a fan of the smaller (and decidedly more vibrant) iPhone, is you may want to think about snapping one up soon. With that in mind here are our tips for the best places to buy an iPhone 5c.


1. These networks

Stock for pay monthly contracts is starting to fluctuate on an almost daily basis but EE and Three are still listing all colours of the petite iPhone 5c. O2 on the other hand are down to selling just pink and white colourways. 

The situation is the same for Pay As You Go phones on Three and giffgaff but not on EE, who currently don't have any iPhones on their PAYG plans. Take a look at our iPhone 5c page to compare availability across all of the networks.


2. These resellers

Having stock piles of iPhones means resellers like Carphone Warehouse and Mobiles.co.uk can sell you a contract on an older model long after the networks stop stocking it. Never mind the 5c, Mobiles.co.uk and Carphone Warehouse will even sell you an iPhone 4s if you want. 


2. Try a refurbished iPhone

Tested, repaired (if needed) and box fresh (kind of) - refurbished iPhones are an excellent way to grab a bargain. Refurbished handsets are phones which have been returned due to a fault or it may simply be that someone changed their mind after purchasing. 

Refurbished iPhone 5Cs are available from Three, O2 and EE and are generally sold a for less money than a standard contract. Refurbished iPhones still come with all of the same consumer protections rights so if anything goes wrong, or you're not happy with your purchase, you can return your phone for a refund. You can even pick up insurance for refurbished iPhones.


Are you a fan of the 4-inch iPhones or have you made the leap and embraced the bigger models? Tell us in the comments below.

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