iTravel: The Best Roaming Options for iPhone

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Whether you want to Instagram from Italy, Tweet from Turkey or just FaceTime from France, taking your iPhone abroad has historically proven very expensive. The EU is taking steps to change this by abolishing 'roaming charges' within Europe, but in the meantime there are still options to keep costs down (or even eliminate them entirely!)

Using WiFi to cut roaming charges

Use WiFi

Whether you like McDonalds & Starbucks or not, they're certainly nearly everywhere and both offer free WiFi. So grab some fries or a cappucino, log on and forget about roaming. Of course there are also plenty of other businesses and organisations offering free WiFi access, from coffee shops to university campuses, so if you can wait until you find one nearby it's sometimes best to just turn your mobile data off and do all your internetting in one go. Apps such as Wi-Fi Finder for iPhone make finding these hotspots easy (install it before you leave!)

Tabac sign - courtesy flickr user rbranman33

Use a Local SIM

A long-time favourite of international travellers, and the reason for the continuing niche appeal of dual-SIM handsets, picking up a local Pay & Go SIM from a tabac, phone shop or hypermarché means you get the same price as the locals on both in-country calls & texts and internet access. The drawbacks to this are that 1) you won't be able to use your normal number while you've got the other SIM in and 2) it only works in unlocked iPhones, which most likely yours isn't.

Tweet Bristol from Brisbane - Feel At Home

Three's 'Feel at Home' Promise

If you are going to Austria, Australia, Denmark, Hong Kong, Italy, the Republic of Ireland or Sweden then you're in luck, because there's also a Three network in those countries and their 'Feel at Home' policy means that your tariff's freebies still apply - so unlimited internet access including via tethering if you're on The One Plan, for instance. Of course there are still charges for calling home but you're an iPhone owner! Use FaceTime (video or the new audio version in iOS7) and it travels over the internet, meaning no charge.

The Edinburgh Fringe (BBC)

Have a Staycation

And finally, one for the pennypinchers! Have you been to Edinburgh? The Peak District? Cornwall? The Gower? Forget about international travel and get that windbreak out of the shed: No exchange rates, no airline security queues and of course - no roaming charges! We really would recommend Italy and Three though...

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