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Here at iPhoneStockChecker we've been working hard to provide the very best UK iPhone stock finder. As a result of our investigations we managed to obtain some data from a UK network source out about which iPhone colours people are ordering, and we thought we'd share it!

So, what is everyone buying? Which colour should you pick to stand out from the crowd? Is white the safe choice, powering into the lead? Or as with the Gold iPhone 5s are people more excited about the new options? Let's find out.

And The Winner Is

This data is based on thousands of sales, both online and in hundreds of stores so it should be representative, at least for the UK (contract sales). The first bit of interesting analysis we did was 16Gb vs 32Gb to see whether people are putting value for money ahead of storage space (with iTunes Match, Photo Stream and the rest of iCloud it's a lot easier to get by with the smallest iPhone than ever before). Turns out more than 90% of iPhone 5c sales have been 16Gb, backing this up. The fact that the iPhone 5s is priced similarly to the 32Gb 5c also goes some way to explaining this.

With that out of the way; on to the results:

iPhone Colour UK Sales - mid Sep 2013

Pink! Admittedly we were kind of expecting this, due to the historic success of phones like this little beauty (oh, memories...) but still, nearly half of all 5c sales are in the pink.

Remember when phones had buttons?

The Bubblegum Pink - we think

Motorola RAZR V3, circa 2004. Or is it Hot Pink?

However, the other colours surprised us. We expected white would be the safe pick and attract a high number of orders but it seems less than 1 in 10 iPhone 5c buyers agree. Given the chance to buy a colourful iPhone over 90% of customers have done exactly that! Blue is a strong second with nearly 1/3rd of customers, then there's a big dropoff to Green (perhaps the most vibrant option) and bringing up the rear, with a tiny success rate of 1% (and this is rounded up) is Yellow - so if standing out from the crowd is important to you you know what to pick..

So there we are - boring old iPod White gets knocked down a peg or two and Pink is the champ! What about you? Yellow match your Ferrari? Think the 5c should come in more colours? Waiting for what must be the inevitable Project Red version? Sound off below!

Rumour has it that we'll see a new colourful iPhone 6c in 2015, what do you think? Register for updates to keep up with the latest iPhone news.




I am stuck with green and yellow? With one

i dont like the green or yellow or pink. they are to bright. should i get blue or white?


always white

i really like the yellow but white looks cool

I really like the yellow

Get the blue it's more popular than green

the yellow dose look nice since yellow is my fav coller.

I'm stuck on blue or green.

Green, everyone has the blue whereas hardly anyone has green

Yes, absolutely I just ordered one now1

Blue or white

I have white

can you change please that yellow is on 2nd place because i will have yellow 32 gb and everyone will laugh that yellow is the non popular and on the last place please?

Fucking phones

Be a trail blazer! Stand out and carry your yellow iPhone with pride! :)


iPhone Stock Checker

i think blue then yellow then pink then green and then white

i have iphone 5c yellow i think yellow pink and blue are the most popular


Thanks for sharing your comments. It looks like everyone has a favourite colour for the 5c, unfortunately it seems as if a lot of the networks are cutting this model from their iPhone range. EE are only stocking the Pink edition now. Are you tempted to upgrade to one of the metallic shades or will you be keeping your fingers crossed for a colourful iPhone 6c? And if so, which colours do you want to see?



iPhone Stock Checker

I want to get white, blue or green everyone has blue so I downloaded really want to get it as much so green or white?

The great thing with the 5c is that whichever colour you go for, it's going to look good. We have noticed stock is running low for many of the 5c colours now - in particular white, we think this is due to the networks running down their stock ahead of the next launch... could this imply a 6c is on the way??? Who knows, but if you're shopping for a 5c in the next week or two keep an eye on our 5c page for up to date stock availability.


Abi, ISC Admin

Probably green or blue I highly recommend these colours

We've got a blue 5c here in the iSC office - definitely a good choice! We're hoping Apple stick with a colourful range for the 6c, what do you think?



No problem - enjoy your new phone!


Thanks Abi for helping me out and blue has always been my favorite color and I totally agree with you we can have new cases everyday so what's the problem thanks once again and I'll surely come again to ask you questions or reply to other questions , thanks once again

Wow you've given this some thought! You're absolutely right, the 5C is a great phone (we have a blue one here!) and the different cases means you can mix and match so you're not stuck with one colour combo. Let us know which one you choose :)


I'm getting a phone end of this month and am pretty excited about that and the phone i chose is none other the less Iphone 5c because I'm just 12 years old and i don't need a phone with filled with stuff like navigation , and all that such as an Iphone 5s or 6 or a Samsung so now i chose Iphone 5c and whats so bad in it ? Ive seen pretty many videos and they all agree that the Iphone 5c is an amazing phone but now here comes the actual topic , which colour shall i take ????????? i don't have a clue. I dont want a white because I'm pretty sure it'll get dirty quickly if i don't put a case on, and the yellow well i cant say anything bad about it but yellow would be my last option and now pink pink doesn't go on with my Personality at all and by at all i mean at all because its too girly and it.s not neccassary that very girls favourite colour shall be pink now moving on to blue, blue has been my favourite colour since i was 7 but its pretty common and now for the last colour green , green is an amazing colour which kind of represents all the greenary around you and where im currently living its filled with greenary and rather than that ive seen many iphone 5c case collection videos and have noticed that most of them have the colour green and the cases actually look amazing and no offence you guys need to agree thatgreen is a very pleasing colour to the eye

because im getting a yellow one.

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Tomorrow i am going to go shopping and i WILL get an iphone 5c . I will get a green one or yellow or even pink .#amazing :)

get yellow it looks nice

Nice birthday present! Must say I'm quite partial to the Gold 6+. It will be interesting to see if Apple expands the colour selections for the 6s and 6s+ - rumours are pointing to a Rose Gold colour to match the new Apple Watch.


I am Swapping My 5s For A New 6+ 128GB Model For My 14th Birthday In September. space Gray or Gold. Green Is My Favourite Colour In The 5c. I've Got The 32GB Green Model and Keeping it So Get Green or Blue. :-)

I Think Green Is The Best Colour To Get if Your Getting An iPhone 5c Then Blue and Then Yellow and Then White. I Think Pink Is Horrendous and Horrible. So Get The Green 5c

I really want a new phone, so my parents said I should buy my own, but I have no clue which colour to get! You see, mint green is my favourite colour but I used to be crazy for pink! I despise of the green phone! I'm not sure about the blue! The pink seems a bit full on ( maybe they should do more pastelly colours! ) white seems bland. And I'm not overly sure about the yellow! I think I may have the pink but I'm not sure! Which is best?????????!?!?!?

if you dont like any of the other colors then get yellow. (its my fav). also the pastel thing is a good idea.

Purple is my fave colour and I was going to get a white iPhone 5c and get one of those Istyle cases in purple but they don't even make purple cases!!!
Apple really need to start getting there game on. Loads of people want a purple iphone. I would like to see apple come up with a solution!!

I wish I asked your mum she would know

Pink for sure I'm getting an iPhone 5c for my 11 birthday in June from my dad I just know it because he said to me if someone ever got you an iPhone 5c what colour would you have? So dad if your reading this I know

I know have the iPhone 5 green and I am glad that I had it because it's the one colour nobody would have I thought because they would all go for pink maybe blue soon I'm paying apple to change the colour for either white or yellow

Purple purple purple we need a purple

I had gotten my 5c in October .. The pink white n blue and I believe the girl mentioned yellow but so I was So Excited ! To Get The Pink ! Then Some Other Perrson that was in the store got it before me I was so so mad ! Like Err !
So I just got the Blue ( My least fave color ) lol
But yeah now I get to restock this blue for the pink so hopefully they have it in stock of not I'll get the Yellow . White seem coo , but it's so basic lol

I'll be getting an IPhone 5c within the next couple weeks and I'm getting the white one. Just a simple color that looks good with any case.

im stuck between yellow and pink or white for a phone there all really nice coulors really need help here

The iPhone 5c in blue is fantastic✔️
And the camera is excellent✔️
And the battery doesn't drain as much✔️
And the cases are brilliant✔️
This phone is a MUST HAVE✔️

RAINBOW!!!!! apple make this happen

i think green or blue is the best

I think it's blue,pink green then yellow

Which colours do you think Apple will choose for the iPhone 6C?


Pink is a definate winner!! (As you can probably tell) my iphone 5c is pink and im not regretting colour choice!!

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