iOS 7: A Whole New Perspective

Introducing The New iOS.

iOS7 Control Center IconiOS 7 Multitasking IconiOS7 Photos IconiOS7 Siri IconiOS7 AirDrop IconSafari iOS7 Icon

Apple launched the original iPhone in 2007 with iPhone OS, a touch-specific and cut-down version of their established OS X operating system from the Mac. Since then we have had plenty of exciting new versions, it has changed its name to iOS (mainly due to the iPad but don't forget it also runs on the AppleTV and iPod Touch) and features such as 3rd party Apps, multitasking and Siri have been added even to older iPhones. Now, however, Apple have gone back to the drawing board and taken advantage of the fact that users are more familiar with how touchscreen devices work to create the most radically-different and yet intuitive version yet. 

   iOS7 as seen on the iPhone 5s

From the moment you see the colourful icons and the fluid motion of the various elements of iOS7 you can tell this is something new. Gone are many of the unnecessary flourishes and textures - bye bye, corinthian leather - and in comes a new palette of bright colours and geometric shapes, typical of Far Eastern software tastes in fact (as opposed to the dark, brooding palette common in Western cultures). As you tilt your iPhone the icons slide over the wallpaper, creating an illusions of layers. The semi-opaque overlays of the Notification Centre or the new Control Centre remind the user that these are 'on top' of the home screen, and intuitive navigation makes sure you never get lost in menus.

iPhone 5s demonstrating layers in iOS7

Apple has a very good look at the concept behind, and new features of iOS7 on their site, and it's worth having a look because we really can't do it justice here. We're very much looking forward to the new female Siri voice for the UK, AirDrop (local file beaming) and the new Safari - what about you? Sound off in the comments below!

iOS7 will be available to all iPhones (from the 4 onwards - 3GS owners, time to find out what all this 'retina display' fuss is about!) from the 18th September via the "Software Update" option in You'll need a 4S or later for Siri and an iPhone 5, 5c or 5s for some of the more advanced motion effects.

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