Exclusive! Which is the most popular iPhone 6s

64GB model takes the lead

For possibly the first time in iPhone launch history the entry level 16GB model is not the most popular edition, our UK network source has revealed. 

Instead it seems our desire for extra storage, fuelled perhaps by poor reviews from owners of the 16GB iPhone 6 and our unwillingness to pay for Cloud storage, has driven up sales of the 64GB model.

Has Apple dropped the ball?

Pre-launch rumours strongly suggested that we would see the return of a 32GB model as this year's entry level iPhone, a rumour which was widely welcomed by many iPhone fans. Is it possible that Apple has made an error and underestimated our need for built-in storage?

With 4k recording, Live Photos and an array of apps to choose from it is reasonable to assume that extra space on your device would be welcome, or does the Cupertino team have a trick up their sleeve to manage the additional space required by these features? We'll have to wait until the iPhone 6s launches on the 25 September to find out. 

Enough speculation. What's the split?

So, as we said the 64GB model is by far the most popular choice, this is followed by the 16GB model which our source says is roughly half the sales volume, then the 128GB at half the volume of the 16GB iPhone. As you can see from the chart below this is a pretty sizeable difference.


What about iPhone 6s colours?

It is less of a surprise to see that Space Grey is still the most popular colour choice for the iPhone 6s. This has been the case for all previous launches, excluding the 5c.

However this year Space Grey has been very closely followed by Rose Gold, the latest colour to make its way into the iPhone range. As you can see from the table below this new colourway has had a big impact on pre-orders as there has been significantly less interest in Gold and Silver iPhones than in previous years.


Will you be choosing a larger capacity this year or are you all about the iCloud? Tell us in the comment section below.

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