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We may have until September 2016 before we see the arrival of the iPhone 7 but that won't stop the rumour mill. We'll round up our favourite below, and of course add pre-order and stock availability for the iPhone 7 as soon as we have more information from our partners.

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When will the iPhone 7 be released?

This year will likely see the launch of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus which means we’ll have to wait until 2016 for the iPhone 7. But we may not need to wait until September. There are some rumours of an April 2016 release date, though going on past experience it is more probable that Apple will choose to release the new model in the autumn with perhaps an iPhone 6c release in the spring.

As always we’ll keep you up to date with news of the iPhone 7 release dates and stock availability as we get it from our partners.


Which Models will be available?

The popularity of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus means we are likely to see a return of the 4.7 and 5.5 inch models when the iPhone 7 launches. Rumours are circulating of a 4 inch phone, with many Apple devotees preferring the compact design of the smaller handset, but this will probably be a reworking of the iPhone 5s and called the iPhone 6c.


What features will the iPhone 7 have?

New design

With any new iPhone model we'd expect to see a big change to the design of the phone. The more rounded look and feel of the 6 has proved popular so we expect Apple to stick with this sleek look. 

According to reports, some interesting Apple patents have been filed recently suggesting we might see a flexible body, a curved screen or a bezel-free display featured in the iPhone 7 design, though Apple have yet to confirm this.

One feature that might be missing is the translucent plastic strips seen on the rear of the iPhone 6. These allow radio waves to pass through the chassis of the iPhone; however Apple has filed a patent for a material made from a blend of metal oxides that keeps the look and feel of aluminium but also allows radio waves to pass through it. 

So long home button

We may lose the home button if full screen Touch ID is enabled on the iPhone 7. This would allow you to activate Touch ID by pressing your fingerprint anywhere on your iPhone screen.

Sapphire glass 

Sapphire glass has been rumoured to be featured in the last two iPhone launches but has been withdrawn due to supply issues. Will it finally make its way into the iPhone 7?

Improved camera

One of the biggest advancements with any new iPhone is the camera and the iPhone 7 is no exception. It is rumoured that the iPhone 7 will be capable of DSLR standard photography with a 21MP camera, dual lens, optical image stabilisation and optical zoom and 4K recording. 

Faster processor

Rumours that chip manufacturer TSMC are producing 10nm chip technology for Apple have been surfacing. Combined with an expected 3GB RAM, the iPhone 7 looks set to offer an altogether speedier performance.

Increased capacity

With more features and functionality expected from the iPhone 7, capacity is likely to be increased. It already looks as if the 16GB model will be replaced with a 32GB model this year and we could be in for a 256GB model when the 7 is released in 2016.

Solar charging

Apple are said to have filed a patent for hidden solar cells that are placed beneath the display screen. This exciting development means your iPhone 7 will keep on charging itself throughout the day. 


Apple, along with other mobile phone manufacturers, is currently in talks with the mobile network providers to agree to terms for the introduction of an e-SIM. This will replace the plastic SIM card currently found in mobile phones and allow you to switch your provider or upgrade your plan from your phone.

Excited? Us too. Though much of the above is speculation for now, we will keep the page updated with iPhone 7 news as we get it.

Tell us what you hope to see from the iPhone 7 in comments below



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What about 7 Plus and Jet Black?

A fair number of the Tesco and giffgaff links for iPhone 7 give the same link for different memory options.

Would you please fix this?


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