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Green Planet Advertiser One off Special Offer
One off Special Offer. 

We at the Green Planet Advertiser are looking for New Equipment. Instead of going to the shop to purchase it we decided to give you this unique opportunity to gain access to a green global world, simply by being the supplier of the equipment. 
What we Need :-
Four (4) Apple Iphone 7's 128GB. 
One (1) Apple 12.9-inch 256Gb Ipad Pro.  
One (1)   Apple Watch Series 2 
We only need one supplier will it be YOU. The benefits to you, read In Return 

In Return
For the equipment we will give you a 900 Box advert this would normally cost £7,200.00 with the 50% discount. It would cost £3,600 to purchase.  
You could split your 30 x 30 box into four 15 x 15 box squares and place an advert in your country of residence, and three other countries of your choice. 
We have 120 countries listed on our website. 

If you are a Manufacturer, Wholesaler or Shop get in touch with us now Become our supplier of the equipment. You will then be able to place a advert on our website and advertise your green credentials and products with us world-wide

You will also get a free advert in our Green Links Section. Your advert will be online 24/7 for 1 year Guaranteed
Rob (Owner) Green Planet Advertise
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