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I'm getting a phone end of this month and am pretty excited about that and the phone i chose is none other the less Iphone 5c because I'm just 12 years old and i don't need a phone with filled with stuff like navigation , and all that such as an Iphone 5s or 6 or a Samsung so now i chose Iphone 5c and whats so bad in it ? Ive seen pretty many videos and they all agree that the Iphone 5c is an amazing phone but now here comes the actual topic , which colour shall i take ????????? i don't have a clue. I dont want a white because I'm pretty sure it'll get dirty quickly if i don't put a case on, and the yellow well i cant say anything bad about it but yellow would be my last option and now pink pink doesn't go on with my Personality at all and by at all i mean at all because its too girly and it.s not neccassary that very girls favourite colour shall be pink now moving on to blue, blue has been my favourite colour since i was 7 but its pretty common and now for the last colour green , green is an amazing colour which kind of represents all the greenary around you and where im currently living its filled with greenary and rather than that ive seen many iphone 5c case collection videos and have noticed that most of them have the colour green and the cases actually look amazing and no offence you guys need to agree thatgreen is a very pleasing colour to the eye

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