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I ordered my new iphone 6 64GB a month ago (on a Tuesday). I was told by the EE representative that I should receive this by Friday. Friday came and no phone. Called up EE to be advised that it would be another week, received a text to confirm this.
Guess what - a week later it still hadn't come.
After weeks of speaking with EE's call centre staff and receiving numerous texts to say my phone will be received within 7 days and " there has been a slight delay to your order" I am still in the dark regarding whether I will be receiving this phone and WHEN!!!!
This is utterly shameful for such a large organisation not to have any in stock and also not to advise the customers of the timeframe when they order this, I feel that this product has been missold to me...................and yet still they cannot seem to tell me a timeframe as to when I will receive this phone.

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