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I ordered my 6plus as an early upgrade due to my iPhone 5s needing to go in for repairs. I phoned up c/s and tried to get an iPhone 7 but was told they were out of stock and so I settled for a 6 plus as I was told if o needed a phone ASAP the 6 plus was in stock and would be with me the following day. I ordered it on 28/09/16 and was told that it would be with me between 11:00 and 2:00 the following day. So I took the day off phone. I called voda to see what was what, they said sorry there was an issue with the courier and it would be with me the next day. I took another day off work....still no phone!! Called voda again and was told another load of bumph and that the phone would be with me on the 2/10/16. I took another day off work but still no phone!! Only when I called voda again was I told that the phone was actually out of stock all along! It hase been 7 working days now with no phone (even tho I've paid the £60 up front phone cost and £130 to end my previous contract) and I've been told to wait till 13/1/16 and if I haven't had the phone by then to contact voda again to get an update!!

I'm soooo annoyed!!! I've paid out for a phone I haven't received yet, I'm self employed and need a phone for work, I'm losing custom because of their cock up and I've stayed home for 3 full days waiting for a phone that vodafone knew was out of stock!!


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