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I ordered an iphone SE 16GB in silver as an early upgrade on my contact, on Sunday 19/06/2016. Before going ahead with the order, I asked when it would arrive as my current phone is completely broken (hence upgrading early) I was told for definite I would have the handset Tuesday 21/06/2016, I received an email to say I will hear from the courier in 3 working days - which is already longer than the time frame given for delivery. I went on the online chat service yesterday asking if it still going to arrive today (yesterday) and was told they can't guarantee it, but probably. I then called vodafone and was told the phone is out of stock, I asked when I'm likely to receive it and they couldn't give me a time frame, not even an estimate!! I asked if any other colours were in stock, and was told as my order is pending there was no way of checking.
Apparently Vodafone get an order in each week, when I asked what day this is, they couldn't tell me!
Brave vodafone!

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