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Hello all,

We've had a response from Vodafone on our Twitter @FindUKiPhone. 

Here it is...

Us - @VodafoneUK we're hearing from customers who pre-ordered iPhone 6s but are still waiting. It is in stock on your site, can you clarify?

Vodafone - @FindUKiPhone Stock may reflect differntly online due to stock updates. Once ordered, an estimated deliverey time will be advised. ^CO

And this one...

Us - @VodafoneUK We've heard you'll credit customers £5 for every 7 days their iPhones are delayed - is this true??

Vodafone - @FindUKiPhone That's correct yes, £5 will be automatically credited to each line for every 7days your phone has been on pre-order. ^CO


So, some silver lining at least for those left waiting but fuzzy response in terms of delivery dates I'm afraid. We'll keep you updated if we hear anything more solid from Vodafone but please feel free to share any updates here yourself.




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