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I pre-ordered my Space Grey iPhone 6S as soon as Vodaphone started it's pre-order. I was told initially that my phone would be delivered to me on the 25th September. I asked them to delay until 2nd October and had a confirmed delivery date in a email from Vodaphone. As I heard nothing further with regards to a DPD tracking number I contacted Vodaphone directly on the 2nd October to find out my phone had not shipped yet due to "under delivery from Apple". I am not able to get a date out of Vodaphone as to when they will fulfill the order so I guess this is just a waiting game.

Seen comments on here regarding people paying for a contract although they have not had their phone. I would say 1 talk to Vodaphone as you should not be using your new contract until you activate the new phone, your existing contract should apply until you have received your order.

Also to make you aware Vodaphone has told me that for every 7 days they are late in delivering my new iPhone I will receive a £5 credit. But you need to claim this once your device has been delivered.

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