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My phone had broke and my upgrade date was soon, so I called Vodafone on Friday, I was in desperate need of a phone as I use it forwork purposes. I enquired about the iPhone, which initially I had expected a long wait as I knew demand would be high. However the useless customer assistant had promised me either Monday or Tuesday delivery, which I thought was great. I didn't receive any confirmation that day other than what the assistant had told me. I called on Saturday and found the order hadn't even been placed, so I had ordered again hesitantly but I was assured I would still be receiving the phone the following week. I've now received a message saying they don't have any stock and will let me know in 3 days when there will be more. I am phoneless because Vodafone let me down once again. They are a terrible network provider and do nothing but lie to keep custom. Unacceptable.

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