iPhone 6 UK Retailer Stock Report


Your details on the iPhone 6plus availability via Vodafone incorrect.....

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Well Im still waiting from the 9th of may for my order of the Iphone SE Silver 16gb through upgrade... It was due on the 11th and now its the 25th. After the 11th I was told 48 hours and it will be with you. Then 3 days, 3 days again and now "we will update you in 10 days" this is absolutley ridiculous. Im going on holiday in June and wanted to have it for pictures but due to all the lies I'm not sure when this phone will arrive... 1-2 weeks my arse....

Order 23rd October for delivery 29th October, no sign of it! Have now been kindly informed by Vodafone "....it may be a while!!", very helpful, not! Their estimated delivery/stock dates are just a load of b&*ls^%t, for some reason unbeknown to us, they are not priority with Apple these days, ...mmh i wonder why??! Vodafone's customer service has gone right down in recent years, can't get any worse, appauling avoid at all costs.

Sorry to hear you're still waiting for your order. This seems to be a recurring theme. We have suggested to some previous commenters that stock looks a little better with Carphone Warehouse or Mobiles.co.uk - both will let you upgrade your Vodafone contract. Do keep sharing any updates you get from Vodafone, we've tweeted them to ask if they can tell us when they expect stock to be released. We'll share any news here too.


iPhone Stock Checker

I ordered mine on the 20th, 6s plus in space grey 64GB and phoned today as still nothing. Ended up changing it to the silver to get it quicker but will see... Everywhere else seems to have the entire range in stock except Vodafone

Pre ordered both the Space Grey & Rose Gold for myself and my wife. Ordered on September 19th. Still nothing. Been told countless times 'it'll be here tomorrow'. Its not the lack of phone that annoys me, its the lies from customer service.

Ordered on 25th Sep. Estimated delivery date given was 1st to 8th but still no sign of the phone.

Preordered iPhone 6s Plus 64gig on 12 sept, was confirmed I would get it on launch day the 25th. Still waiting! And more frustrating is that no one has a clue if or when my phone will be available. No apologies either. Crap service



We're hearing a few grumbles from other Vodafone customers still waiting for their iPhones. Are you upgrading or is this a new contract?


iPhone Stock Checker

Hi, this is and upgrade.

If you're able to cancel your order then you can upgrade via Carphone Warehouse. Their stock availability seems to be a little better than Vodafone going on the comments here. Call Carphone's CS and double check their stock before you cancel you current order though.



iPhone Stock Checker

I don't mind what colour as long as it is a iPhone 6 or above

You think EE are conspiring to withhold iPhone 6 stock from you? With what aim? To keep them all for themselves? They're rubbing their hands with glee no doubt.

"My precioussss"

what a load of rubbish this is! this just insults me because you say at ee that you have no stock of the iphone 6 grey?!?!!?!?!? more lies!

What is taking so long?! When are these phones going to be back in stock this is ridiculous!!

I went to an EE store and placed an order for iphone 6 and a 6 plus (both 128gb) on 12 Oct. They told me it would take up to 2 weeks. After 4 weeks I had heard nothing so I phoned the store who said that they have no idea when stock would arrive, could still be several weeks - Very frustrating !

You might be in luck Niz - their website says 'In Stock' for the 16GB grey on EE (or 3 days on VF)!
I ordered my 64GB grey on 19th Sep and so far Mobilephonesdirect have missed the expected delivery date 3 times now. Now been put back another 13 days. I would have looked elsewhere by now, but I can't get anywhere near the same deal!!! Well frustrating.

I ordered my iPhone 6 grey 16gb from mobile phones direct on 22nd September, I have a delivery date of 23rd October but now the 30th October, can you check their stock and see what's going on with them, I'm getting frustrated at the wait time, I just want my iPhone now

I ordered an iPhone 128GB on the 12/10/14 and it was meant to be next day delivery, after speaking to about 10 people at EE and getting cut off a few times someone finally told me that their website was wrong and that there was 14 day wait for 64GB and a 7 day wait for 128GB!!! 8 days and still waiting..... I think EE purposely left their delivery as in stock and next day, I would of never bought from them if I knew there were so useless!

Placed my order with EE on Saturday 4/10/14 over the phone when the website was displaying delivery within 7 days. By the following Friday we site was displaying delivery within 21 days. The Tuesday after, the website displayed delivery within 2 days & updated to 1 day on the Wednesday. However I've still not had any texts or confirmation of delivery. If you call EE to enquire, they're unable to tell you when you might recieve phone, despite them confirming they have stock - frustrating!

Thx jow but I rang them they told me they have had no grey 64gb iPhone 6 delivered at all not even on release day. Lucky for me though got very cheap as they made a mistake on the first weekend £119 up front 38.99 a month 4gb internet unlimited everything else that's why I'm waiting it's now £219 upfront cost

It wasn't a complaint about this website. I Am still waiting though. I have just checked EE's web site which is now saying delivery within one day. I've not heard from directly regarding my handset, but am expecting to shortly. My guess is they want to keep their stock levels as high as possible for as long as possible to give them edge over their competion, so might find my delevery to be low priority.

Hi Tom. Thanks for the heads up, and sorry to hear that you've had to wait so long. I know this won't help you, but I'll see if I can get some more realistic delivery dates from customer services and update the above table.

Even though buymobiles state 5-10 days I preordered mine on 14th sept still not got it (64gb grey) someone who rang said they had only had 50 since release date and as they get there phones from the networks if use there time scales instead of buymobiles as if you talk to buymobiles on Twitter they will tell you themselves they have no idea when stock will be coming and there customer service is bad thx

Hi LP88. Mobiles.co.uk sell O2 and do have slightly better stock availability, but their prices are slightly higher for the Grey 16GB model. I don't know what they're like when it comes to delivery updates etc.

I noticed this morning that Mobiles.co.uk have a good deal on the iPhone 6 Gold 16GB on O2 (unlimited mins, unlimited texts and 1GB data for £38 a month with no upfront cost). £99 cheaper than the grey and available for next day delivery.

o2 have the longest back order wait! This is a bit of a joke waiting 3 weeks for a phone with no updates as to estimated dates or apologies about the delay etc

No worries Batie - I know how frustrating it can be! It's a shame Giffgaff haven't secured as much stock as the big networks, because their finance + goodybag combination is really competitive.

Hope you found some stock of the model you wanted.

Apologies Joe

I took out my frustration on you ! Was just annoyed with trying to find the correct model and you are right about giffgaff in hindsight.

Hi Dom. Sorry to hear that you've had to wait so long. I update this table based on the stock levels displayed on ee.co.uk, which from the sound of it are a bit misleading. I'll try and get hold of some more reliable waiting times, and would be interested to hear if you have received your iPhone 6 yet? Thanks

Hi Batie. Sorry that you feel that way! I check the Giffgaff website, along with the other retailers, a few times every week day and there hasn't been much iPhone 6 stock available since they sold out in the first couple of days. When it is available it tends to be in very small volumes and sells out quickly, so it's possible that I missed it on Tuesday. If stock does come back in I will of course update the table. Thanks

Despite ordering my phone and having confirmation 8 days ago it has still not arrived. However I recieved a text from EE on Wednesday stating my 64GB space grey iPhone 6 will be delivered within 21 days. I keep checking the delivery estimated time on their website expecting it to change from 7 days to reflect this, but it hasn't. Wagwarn?

This stock check is garbage. You say that giffgaff are out of stock on every configuration yet In fact the only configuration out of stock is the grey model.

I ordered one too, but pretty sure it won't show up until November (from the Apple store, I mean).

I have ordered one direct from the Apple Store - all they can tell me is that I will take delivery in October. Do you know if they are relying on the delivery on 23rd?

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