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The iPhone 7 is here and available to order. We've trawled the web to find out which retailers have stock, so you don't have to. Just check out our handy table below to be one of the first people to own an iPhone 7 Plus.

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Ordered the iPhone 7 plus black, 14-10-16
Dates been moved again! I think they need to be honest and say your going to have to wait months & months when you order the phone!!!

Noone has got the iphone 7 plus sim free to buy anywere absolutley rubish its for my son what can i say phaaaaaa ill stick to trusty samsung ........

We may have a spare - please call if interested. It is brand new and still in box.
Change of plan for our kids Christmas.
07931 351311

ordered my iPhone 7 plus 128gb black around 5 weeks ago was "guaranteed" delivery by the 4th of november and still waiting i think it will be new year before a lot of people see their phones!

having called the three store i asked if they had any other phones in stock different memory colour etc, turned out they had a 256gb black in stock and reserved it for me i went in friday the 18th and picked up my new phone and didn't pay any extra from my previously quoted contract so might be worth calling the store you have preordered and seeing if they have any others in stock! as apparently the 256gb is not very popular!

i ordered the iphone 7 plus in rose gold 256gb and i got mine the next day ( i ordered yesterday and got it today) i recommend you check carphone warehouse because they have some stock

Brand new Original Apple iphone 7 and 7 plus cost 650usd with 1year warranty.

Serious buyer should contant us.

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i ordered 7 plus in september, was told another 29 days after waiting 10 days.. so rang up EE to say what have you got they said a silver 128 gb.. can get it to me in 7 days so i sauid great.
i have now been told another 29 days so told EE to stick it up their arse! also apple are no better , their customer service in store is awful, sudents serving you who vever talk to you just look at their ipads then walk off.

Apple you are a disgrace and steve jobs will be turning in his grave ... Apple = shit!

I pre-ordered my black iPhone 7 plus 32GB from Three on the 12th of Sept....I was told it would be wouldn't be available till Oct 28th...and im even starting to doubt that it will even be ready then??

Hi guys, I ordered my iPhone 7 plus 32gb in black on Sunday 9th October on o2, I received on Friday the 14th October, so I'm sure o2 must have some stock, mine was through an upgrade. Not sure if this helps anyone, when I ordered it, it said a week wait, I spoke to someone on live chat on the Thursday who said it was out of stock and would be 4 weeks, I kicked off and complained and said when I ordered it, it we be a week, I received it the next day

What I want to know. How come this hasn't been on the news. Apple is meant to be this massive company. But just seems to be pushed to one side. Someone must know something about what the hell is going on. So P*****d off!!

If you want one bad go to a local CEX STORE I have been seeing them in there for 2 weeks in the black and various other colours not only are they A GRADE 128GB OR 256GB they even come with 2 years guarantee instead of 12mths check on line for stock in local stores

What's particularly annoying is that all these retailers, including Apple, show the iPhone 7 Plus on display in their shops. Now that in my opinion is totally out of order when they know they are out of stock!!

i agree

has anyone got there iPhone 7 plus yet ?

I pre ordered the iPhone 7 plus 256gb on the 13th of sept and received on the 30th of sept but the dual camera didn't work so i am getting a replacement

I pre ordered the iPhone 7 plus 256gb on the 13th of sept and received on the 30th of sept but the dual camera didn't work so i am getting a replacement

I ordered my 32gb iPhone plus rose gold 2 weeks ago and have been told theres a delay on my order, does anyone know when the iPhones are going to be in stock because this is terrible the fact no where has them and all on back order, i understand its hard for apple but i haven't seen anyone with an iPhone 7 plus and would like my phone to be here soon

9th to 16th December I've been told

9th to 16th December I've been told

Anyone know when Tesco are getting stock in. They keep telling me to keep looking on web page and won't commit to saying any time scale. Very,very poor!,,

I am waiting for iPhone 7 plus 256gb from O2. Yes it's in very high demand. I ordered on the 9th sept and I am still waiting.....
Has anyone received theirs?

hey well I've been told 21 days , have you got your phone yet

I've been told Very are not going to be getting stock until 12th November now after promising me it for today and ordered it 16th September, that will be an 8 week wait! Sort it out Apple tempted to cancel it!

I think it is all about apple supplying the u.s market first
With the pound low, apple get more money selling in the u.s
Check the u.s stock out, they have them
I agree apple suck this time

i ordered mine on very 18th september,they are so crafty,they clearly state "in stock" and yet it said pre order for delivery on or ny 0ctober 22nd, less than 48 hours before that date they then sent a message saying the delivery date is now 26th november,i am totally fuming and expecting the same 48 change of delivery when it approaches again,its making the whole experience less exciting and if they do delay again i am cancelling my order,it will have been 2 and a half months,ridiculous..

Absolutely ridiculous that this phone is not available anywhere! I have no doubt there will be availability at Christmas!! I hope Apple lose custom.

It's the same every year with Apple claiming the demand out weighs the number of units available. It's maybe time they fired their marketing teams as clearly they are not looking at the market analysis from previous launches. Most network providers offer some sort of yearly upgrade scheme these days so it's inevitable a lot of people will want the latest handset yearly. I had to wait for the IP 6S+ until 25 October last year due to lack of availability so I'm anticipating a similar wait this year.

Did apple actually make any of these damm phones? Not seen one yet!

EE are just grttting on everyone's nerves if u order with EE u could be waiting till December

i have also ordered my iPhone plus with ee but ee haven't received any order from apple, no one has.

Does anyone actually know anyone that has received a 7 Plus, because stocks seem very low or non existent in the UK.

Hi my daughter bought her 7plus Rose Gold iPhone from John Lewis and we picked it up 2 weeks ago. It's a case of 'when you see it but it quick'. Good luck

Hi, I received my iPhone 7 Plus from o2 this morning. Was the black 32gb model. However my son is still waiting for his from EE. Same model but no sign of it yet

Has anyone heard any more news when the 7 plus as going to be delivered to the likes of EE etc? Seems a long time since any information has been released and I am now tempted to move over to Samsung.

Good luck with that now.....Note has now been KO'd.

Hi please could u help me find wen one of these are in stock

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