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After the success of our previous iPhone 5c article which revealed that Pink is the most popular iPhone 5c by far, we're back with more data showing what colours and capacities iPhone 5s customers are buying. We've already written about how the Gold iPhone can be hard to find, and is now likely to be out of stock until towards the end of October, so let's take a look at what is causing this - and find out which is the most popular colour overall. The data comes from a 3rd party, not our sales, but our sources must remain anonymous!

3 Amigos - iPhone 5s in Gold, Silver, Grey

Bye Bye Black, Hello Space Grey

One of the more surprising aspects of Apple's September 10th iPhone 5s announcement was that you can no longer buy a 'Black' iPhone, or indeed a "white" one (the Silver model takes its place, even though the colouring has hardly changed). Given the way many Black & Slate iPhone 5 customers felt the finish scuffed too easily, it's likely Apple decided to lighten the colour because this makes the coating more hardy - the darker the anodising, the more difficult it is and the more obvious any defect becomes as the silver aluminium shines through. While we're not sure which bit of space is grey (the spaceships?), the new Apple lineup became;

Space Grey - A lighter version of the Black & Slate iPhone 5 colour scheme which retains the black front.

Silver - The Colour Formerly Known As White, with a more natural alumium finish and a white face.

Gold - A light gold colour to the backplate and edges coupled with the same white front as Silver.

1st Place: Gold?

A little background first: In years gone by, iPhone sales were so focused on Black that the White models were quite often not even available at launch. Certainly it wasn't unusual to see more than 80% of sales be for the black variants, and similarly the 16Gb capacity attracted the lion's share of orders by quite some margin. We were therefore surprised to see just how much this has changed for the iPhone 5s, driven to some extent by availability (the 16Gb Gold 5s sold out quickly, so 32Gb sales probably gained from this).

iPhone 5s sales by colour

As you can see, 2 things have happened - Space Grey (néé Black) is now just over 50% of sales and the two larger capacities combined also make up nearly half of all iPhones sold. At each capacity the colour ranking is the same - Space Grey, Gold then Silver - but 64Gb customers do pick Grey more of the time (64%)  than 16Gb customers (50%).

It is worth bearing in mind that these figures could well be affected by stock levels so we will be returning to this subject in future, but given the interest we though we'd share the results of our initial research. As you can see we've not published the actual sales figures involved as these are highly confidential, but for the statistically-minded out there we have confidence the above chart reflects the overall picture based on sample size.

So, there you go - Apple now sells 8 different colours of iPhone - 10 if you count the "Black" and "White" iPhone 4s 8Gb which came out at the same time - and although there are definite favourites our data has shown that customers appreciate the variety. We don't think Apple expected Gold to be as popular as it has been and the disparity in delivery dates backs this up (1 week for Grey or Silver, 4 weeks for Gold) as does reports of increased production of the Gold model.

Which colour do you want? Are you prepared to wait? Tell us below! And don't forget iPhoneStockChecker.co.uk is the best place to find UK iPhone 5s stock, so make sure you get yours first!


well hello I have an iphone 6 silver and my mom has gold well I don't like gold and black is too cheap I think silver is the best

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